Graduate Study in Choral Conducting

The University of Texas at Austin has long been considered one of the premiere graduate programs in choral conducting in America. The small program size allows students the opportunity to work closely with faculty in a supportive and personal manner and to gain valuable performing experiences. The outstanding quality of the graduate students ensures a challenging and inspiring environment and a high level of excellence. Degrees offered include the Doctor of Musical Arts and the Master of Music.

Doctor of Musical Arts

The DMA degree in Choral Conducting is appropriate for highly advanced choral conductors who have already experienced successful teaching/conducting and whose talents and abilities show potential to be successful as a collegiate and/or professional conductor. Several years of teaching/conducting experience is generally expected. Strong ability as a solo artist, most often as a singer, is typical of successful applicants. Superior musicianship and a solid and expressive conducting technique are required, in addition to strong interpersonal and leadership skills.

Master of Music

The MM degree in Choral Conducting is appropriate for those who show excellent potential as choral conductors. Generally, 2-3 years of post-baccalaureate teaching/conducting experience is expected. Excellent musicianship and a naturally expressive conducting technique are required.

Applying for Graduate Study

To be considered for this program, an on-campus audition must occur prior to your desired enrollment. In addition to the standard application materials required by the University, the following items will be reviewed as the basis for an invitation to audition. If you wish to be considered for the limited number of graduate teaching assistantships, these materials should be received no later than December 1. Send all application materials directly to the Graduate Music Admissions Office.

  • One session of ensemble rehearsal lasting no less than fifteen minutes, preferably edited to highlight segments focused on dealing with specific rehearsal problems of intonation, ensemble balance, technique, style or interpretation. Videos of unbroken run-throughs in a rehearsal setting are not considered rehearsal material.
  • One unedited performance of a complete work, preferably the same work featured in the rehearsal video above.
  • The camera should be positioned behind the ensemble facing the conductor, and the conductor should be clearly visible.

Following receipt of these materials, in addition to the completed application, you will be informed as soon as possible after December 1 of our decision regarding an invitation to audition. The on-campus audition will consist of a 20-minute rehearsal on pre-assigned repertoire and an interview with Dr. Morrow in which you should be prepared to discuss your goals as a choral conductor and to demonstrate your singing, sight-singing, piano, and score reading abilities.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Morrow at your convenience at:

(512) 471-0806 or

or contact the Graduate Music Admissions Office at:

(512) 471-0799 or