University Treble Chorus – ENS 101U

The University Treble Chorus is a new and exciting ensemble comprised of music majors and non-music majors from UT’s entire campus alike! This ensemble will feature Treble voices in some beautiful music that will truly showcase the incredible talent of our university!

University Women’s Chorus is directed by Iain Sturrock. Make sure to keep an eye on the Butler School of Music Calendar of Events to stay up to date with concerts and events with the University Treble Chorus.

Current Roster:

Andrea Armendariz

Grace Barnes

Nova Barton

Chemareea Biggs

Joyce Bing

Quinn Changus

Shuya Chen

Gillian Davidson

Leslie Delhomme

Emily Densmore

Rachel Deschner

Apsaline Douglas

Zaria Drumgoole

Anna Duong

Samantha deFigueiredo

Andrea Findley

Brook Garza

Arianna Hadjebian

Esther Hernandez

Katie Hollister

Alisya Irawan

Susannah Joffe

Stephanie Jury

Veronica King

Mariah Koshy

Daniella Lopez

Jackie Lowie

Kayla Madureira

Annie Milsten

Varsha Nathan

Pamela Nguyen

Geneva Pantoja

Nyla Parker

Neely Pate

Maria del Pilar Gomez

Aneka Raj

Taryn Ramirez

Joanna Ross

Daphne Smith

Kate Stanford

Shruthi Sundaranand

Sarah Summers

Emma Thorington

Jordan Toomey

Cameron Weger

Corinne Williams

Mattea Williams

Taylor Wood

Chloe Young

For more information, please contact our office at;

How to Join:
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Registration Information:

Course: ENS 101U

Unique Number: 21130