Longhorn Singers

the longhorn singersThe Longhorn Singers is a popular mixed group both on campus and throughout the state, providing fast-moving entertainment in a repertoire of selections ranging from musicals to current popular numbers. The Longhorn Singers are often accompanied by various instrumental combinations, presenting shows under the banner of “entertainment in the finest college tradition.” Individual talent is often spotlighted in their programs. Extra rehearsal time is required for staging and choreography. The size of the ensemble ranges from 25-30 singers.www.facebook.com/LonghornSingers

Audition Requirements

Individual timeslots will be 6 minutes long and will consist of a 1-2 minute acapella song of your choosing (either Broadway or jazz standard) that shows off your vocal range. Be prepared to vocalize in a legitimate classical tone with scales or similar choral exercises. There will also be sight reading and you may be required to sing the star spangled banner from “And the rockets red glare…” to the end of the song.

Audition Sign Up: http://heyevent.com/event/ku4gdzmy67o3oa/audition-for-longhorn-singers-fall-2015

E-mail: UTLonghornSingers@gmail.com