Chamber Singers – ENS 109K


The University of Texas at Austin Chamber Singers, conducted by Dr. James Morrow, is the premiere choral ensemble at UT with a highly selective membership of 24-32 singers. In addition to performing several major concerts on campus throughout the year, this talented group of singers tours nationally and internationally.

How to Join

Auditions for the 2019-2020 calendar year begin on August 25, 2019. To sign up for an audition, please go to the following link and select a time slot that works best for you:

For more information about Texas Choirs Auditions, click here.

Current Roster: (2019-2020)


Natalie Brennan

Junghyun Kim

Grace Gollmar

Anneliese Sandoval

Laurna McFarland

Kristine Mazziotti

Sofia Piña


Abigail Price

Sabrina Ellis

Isabella Marie Dolande

Hyeyoung Ku

Alexandria Burch

Kylie Jensen


Shane Cook

Matt Vermaire

Nathan Nagir

Christopher Truong

Braden Weitzel


Zachary Burch

Chris Auchter

Iain Sturrock

Shyam Madhami

Alessio Nachtergaele

Michael Follis

Benedict Anwukah

Sam Shipps


Dr. James Morrow, Director of Choral Studies
Ensembles Office, MBE 2.116FA
Butler School of Music
The University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX 78712
Phone: 512-471-0806